5 Steps to Becoming an Adventurer

Posted on May 18th, 2015

Many ‘adventurers’ would be surprised to even be called by that name. As long as you are outside and having fun you are an adventurer.

So you’re not sure why but you have started day dreaming about getting outdoors and getting active.  The only problem is you don’t know where to start. Well here are a 5 tips on how to become an adventurer…

1. Choosing an Activity

First and foremost you need to cut through all the noise and decide what activity you want to try first. There are so many options out there that doing a bit of research can help you find something fun and challenging that suits you. You could try talking to people and searching online for videos or websites of local clubs.

2. Decide How Much Time and Effort to Invest  

It’s a good idea to think about your current skill level. You want to start small and safely push your boundaries by looking at individual activites or half day trips. This way you get a sense for what brings you the most joy and get experience planning small adventures.

3. Look at Options for Gearing Up

The latest gear does not define an adventurer but good gear does help. If you are completely new to an activity you may wish to start with rentals or reliable second-hand gear so you can built up some experience and find out what features you are willing to pay more for.

4. Motivation

Don’t reward yourself for thinking or planning your adventure, reward yourself for actions! Think of each day out as a mini-quest that is part of a bigger chain of challenges.

One great thing video games have taught us is that breaking down a big overarching goal into multiple levels of increasing difficulty makes progress more fun. Allow yourself rewards along the way and learn to celebrate your progress as you grow.

5. Socialising

Some Adventurers thrive in packs, whilst others find that other people get in the way of truly exploring a new skill. Many adventurers certainly find that the social aspect helps. Consider starting out in adventure centres, outdoors clubs or tours. Not only will you get to build your confidence in a safe environment but you could pick up some helpful tips that you’d rather not learn the hard way.

So what are you doing this weekend? Maybe it’s time start planning something right now.

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