Teams that play together, Stay together.

Posted on April 25th, 2014

Togetherness within a squad is an essential part of any sports team and it is a proven catalyst for success. We understand the full benefits of a team socialising outside of their usual sporting setting and have created an environment to encourage teams to reach their full potential.

Whether your team are the Barcelona of Sunday League, or the United of the Wednesday league, there is always room for team building to fuel the bond of a team. Sometimes it doesn’t matter whether you are winning or losing, it’s about the enjoyment of being active, and being part of something bigger. Although it’s fair to say that teams who have come to visit us in the past have had a noticeable improvement in success rates!  With this goal in mind, we’re serious about making your sports teams ascend to peak performance.

We should mention that it’s not just sports teams that can benefit from team building at our Courtlough location, it can be any social club, including book clubs, fishing clubs or college societies. Don’t forget, you don’t need to be a sports star to enjoy having a fulfilling and beneficial team building day here!

Overview of the benefits of team building exercises:

1. Helps build relationships between team players.

2. Helps players understand their role within the group and see themselves as part of the bigger picture.

3. It teaches players to effectively communicate with one another.

4. Gives players and coaches’ time to gain mutual respect for each other outside of sport.

5. Allows for individuals who may not be starting players in a team to contribute and feel utilised and respected.

Remember, sports and social clubs are about enjoyment and fulfillment and we love to help out with that.


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